✨ MSP Trial - QuickStart ✨

Welcome to your Password Boss trial.

Welcome to Password Boss!

This guide will help you explore Password Boss and try out the core features.

This guide has two sections and will show you some of the best features in Password Boss. Our goal is not to do a deep dive into everything Password Boss can do, but rather, to get you familiar with the app, its features, and show you how your business can benefit from partnering with Password Boss.

Once you join the Partner Program, our team of white-glove onboarding specialists will walk you through all of the setup options to get your business fully set up, and we will help you set up your customers too!


There are 2 parts to Password Boss

1. The App - Use the app for - saving passwords, logging in to websites, sharing passwords, etc.
2. The Portal - Use the portal for managing users, groups, policies, permissions.


Your Trial Account

You should have received an email with a temporary password to log in to the APP. If you have not received the email with your temporary password , please contact your account rep so we can get your trial setup for you.

👋1. Do this first - Install the app and login

1. Add some passwords

  • You can import passwords from your browsers.

2. Log in to a website with Password Boss

  • When you open your browser you will be prompted to install the browser extension, after that you can automatically log in to websites with Password Boss.

3. Use the built-in 2FA authenticator with auto-fill

  • You can use Password Boss to generate 2FA codes anywhere you can use Google Authenticator. We auto-fill them on websites too 👊.

4. Share a password with your account rep

  • Open the Share Center and send a test share to your account rep. Please, don't send us your real password.

5. Scan your passwords with the Dark Web scanner

  • Scan your passwords using the built-in Dark Web password scanner to see if any of your passwords have been found in security breaches. Note: you might be surprised 😮

2. Partner Portal Overview (make sure you did ☝ first)

How you use the Partner Portal

  • Adding customers
  • Adding users
  • Managing security policies
  • PSA integrations
  • Reporting

During your trial take a look at the features of the Partner Portal. Our White Glove Team will go through the full configuration with you to get your company set up and configured with you. Our team will also onboard your customers with you.

Login URL: https://partner.passwordboss.com
Username: Sent via email when your trial account was created. Note: your username is NOT your email address.
Password: A link to set your password was sent along with your username.