Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get ready to roll Password Boss out to your customers.

Add your team to the Partner Portal

Each user on your team who will be accessing the Partner Portal will need their own Partner Portal user account. Go to Account->Users and click the blue + to add new users.

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Notes on user accounts

  • All users with Partner Portal access need to have a Password Boss App account as well. When adding a new user, if they do not already have an app account, one will be created for them when their Partner Portal account is created.
  • Users login to the Partner Portal with a USERNAME. Users login to the Customer Portal and the Password Boss apps with an EMAIL ADDRESS.
  • When a new user is added they will receive an email with their username and a link to create a password.
  • If a user does not already have a Password Boss account they will receive two emails, one for their app account and one for their portal account. the app account email includes a temporary password for logging into the app. This temporary password will not work for logging into the portal.

Add a payment method

You will need to add a credit card to your account before you can add any customers to your account. You can add the credit card at Account->Details->Payment Method.

Add Customers

Add new customers from the Companies tab Each business should be added as a separate company. Click the blue + to add a new company. Add the company contact information on the first screen.


Team name and logo

The team name and logo you enter on this screen is what the users will see in the Password Boss app. The team name becomes the name for the business profile. The team logo is optional but we encourage you to add a logo for each company.

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Account Type

Companies are added as either Customer or MSP.

  • If your account is set up as an MSP with Password Boss, all of your customers will be set up as Customer.
  • If your account is set up as a Reseller with Password Boss you need to choose between MSP or Customer for each new company added. When an MSP is added, the MSP will have a Partner Portal account created as well.

Primary Contact

For each company you create you need to specify the person who will be the primary contact for the company.


Primary contact

The primary contact is a user account at the company you are creating. This contact becomes the account owner for the company and will be created as an administrator for the company.

When the new company is saved, a Password Boss app account is created for the primary contact. The primary contact will receive an email with a temporary password and a link to download app.

If the company is an MSP, the primary contact will receive an additional email with login instructions for accessing the Partner Portal.


Set the initial subscription level and user count for the company.

Subscription Type

You have two options on when to start the billing for your new customer.



Billable this month

These users will be added to your invoice at the end of the month.

Free until end of this month

Used for trials for new customers. These users will not be included in your invoice at the end of the month but will be included on the following month's invoice.


User license count

The value in the User license count is the number of users that are available for user accounts at the company. This is also the number of users included in your user counts for monthly billing.

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Getting Started

Follow the steps below to get ready to roll Password Boss out to your customers.

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