Adding items to Shares

If you have received a share from someone you can add items to the share if you have the Editor permission.


Important Info on adding items to a share

  • Items have to be saved to your account before you can add them to a share.
  • All items are added to shares from the Share Center.
  • When you add items to a share you transfer ownership of the items to the owner of the share.

How to add items to a share

  1. Make sure the item you want to add to the share has been saved to your Password Boss Account
  2. Open the Share Center
  3. Click the 3-dots menu on the share you want to add the items to and select Add items
  4. Select the items you want to add and click Next
  5. If the share you are adding the items to is a folder share you need to select the folder to put the items into.
  6. The info box appears. Read the message about ownership transfer and click OK to add the item(s) to the share.
  7. The item(s) you have added will now be sent to all of the recipients of the share.

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