Adding users - AD connector


Adding Users via Active Directory Connector

The Active Directory Connector uses an AD Global Security Group to determine which users to synchronize to Password Boss. The best practice is to create a new security group in your AD and place all of your Password Boss users in the group. This method makes it easy to administer which users are sent to Password Boss.

When a user account is sent to Password Boss, the account will go through the following stages:

Creating account - this means the user information has been received by Password Boss and the account is in the process of being created. This process generally takes just a few seconds per account.

Active - After a user account has been created, the account will show as Active in the portal. At this point an email is sent to the user with a temporary password that they can use to login to their account. When the user logs in the first time they will also receive a verification code via email that they will need to enter into the application on their computer or mobile device. When the verification code is accepted the user will then be required to change their master password.

Pending approval - This status can occur for one of 2 reasons.

  • In the sync rules of the AD connector on the portal, you selected to create pending accounts in Password Boss that must be manually approved.
  • You have synchronized more users to Password Boss than you have purchased. You will need to either remove some user from your Password Boss account or purchase additional licenses.

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