Changing user license counts

How to change the number of licenses applied to each company.

Change the number of licenses applied to a company.

  • Each company that is added to your account is assigned a pool of licenses.
  • License counts are shown on the Company tab of the portal in the License column.
  • License counts are set on the Settings tab of each company.
  • You will be invoiced for the licenses assigned to each company.


Adding users requires available licenses

  • When adding users to a company, you can add users up to the number of available licenses on each company.
  • If you are adding users from an AD connector any users added beyond the number of available licenses will be created in a Pending Approval state. You can approve the new users after adding additional licenses or removing existing users.

Changing user counts and subscription level

  1. From the Partner Portal click the Settings tab for the company.
  2. Click the pencil icon in the License section to change user counts and/or the subscription level.
  • An upgrade from Standard to Advanced is processed immediately.
  • Downgrading from Advanced to Standard requires that you disable all Advanced Security Policies and remove all AD connectors from the company prior to making the change.
  • When reducing the user counts you can remove any unused licenses, you can reduce the user count down to the number of users shown on the Users tab.

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