Choose location for online backups

Policy Description

When online backups are enabled user data is stored in one of many data centers around the world. By default users data is generally located in a location that is closest to the user's location when each user creates their account.

For example, users in the US will have their data stored in a US data center, and users in the EU will have their data stored in an EU data center.

Available data centers

  • US – East coast
  • US – West coast
  • Frankfurt (EU)
  • Ireland (EU)
  • London
  • Montreal
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Tokyo
  • Seoul
  • Sao Paulo


  • The default value is DISABLED.
  • When this policy is ENABLED a data center must be chosen from the available options. Once a data center is chosen all user data is moved immediately to the designated data center and client applications are updated after their next sync.
  • When this policy is DISABLED users are able to specify any data center they choose.



Disabling this policy puts the user back in control of where their data is stored. Data is not automatically moved to a different data center by disabling this policy.


  • Consult with each customer about their preference for where their data is stored.


This policy is available to all accounts with an Advanced or Trial subscription.