Background sync

Background sync occurs when the user is logged in to the Password Boss app. During the background sync, each device will check to see if the local device needs to upload or download any changes. This interval is 5 minutes. Note: background sync is the same function as the Backup Now option in the client apps. The data from the background sync is separate from the backup data from the organizational backup.

Customer Portal The portal end users can access to manage their accounts. Users with the Admin role have the ability to fully configure all settings for their business. Users with the User role can only manage their own account.


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Used to organize items. Within each user’s account, there is a separate folder structure in each of the user’s profiles, one for personal items and one for business items. The folder can have subfolders. Folders and folder trees are unique to each user unless the folder is shared.

Organization backup

A separate backup of the items saved in the business profile of the user for disaster recovery purposes, for example, is an employee is terminated and does not provide the password to their account, this backup can give you access to the items in their business profile.

  • This is a backup that is enabled via security policy and is available to accounts with an Advanced subscription.
  • Data in the organizational backups can only be accessed by Admin users with portal access at the MSP or Customer level, and by entering the private key that is generated when organizational backups are enabled.
  • As a best practice, we recommend saving the private key within your customers central Password Boss account, or with a senior member of your customer. We also recommend that you store the private key on a USB key that is locked in a safe as a physical failsafe


Organizational backup private key

If you lose this private key, there is NO way to access the backup data.
The private key is literally the key to the castle. Every password backed up in the business profiles can be accessed by the private key.

Partner Portal Dedicated partner portal to allow partners to manage all of their customers from a single location.


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Each user account has a Personal profile and a Business profile. A profile is like a vault and is used to separate personal items from business items. Personal items should be stored in the Personal profile and business items should be stored in the Business profile. Note: the items saved in the Business profile are only accessible to each individual user. The Business profile is NOT shared between all members of the same business.

Saved items

Any item you can save in Password Boss – website passwords, server passwords, notes, email addresses, etc.


The group of items created by the originator and sent to recipients.

Shared folders

When a recipient receives a share, the share will be placed in the recipients shared folders, folder tree. The share name will become the name of the folder the recipient sees. The recipient cannot change the folder name.

Share name

The name the share originator gives to the share.

Sharing Originator

The person who creates a share and manages the recipients of the share.

Sharing Recipient(s)

The person or groups who receive a share from the originator.

Security Policies

Customer specific settings that allow you to configure specific settings in the Password Boss app and customer portal.