Disable Password Boss on Pages or Sites

Policy Description

If there are pages and sites where you want to disable Password Boss for all users in your company you can use this policy to do this.

The types of sites where this is useful include CRMs, PSAs, accounting, or any other site that generally has a large number of fields. Password Boss works by scanning all of the fields on a page so that the application can fill those fields in for you. On sites like CRMs, PSAs or accounting systems it is less intrusive to not have Password Boss enabled on these sites.


Some sites may require multiple entries

You may find that some sites require multiple disable rules because of the URL structure for the website. Multiple rules per site are allowed and sometimes required.


  • The default value is DISABLED
  • When this policy is ENABLED, add entries for the pages or sites where Password Boss should be disabled.
  • When this policy is DISABLED any previously created entries will be removed from all users accounts.

Configuration options

When enabling this policy you will need to select the scope for the url you are entering.

  • This page only - Password Boss will be disabled on a specific web page.
  • Entire domain - Password Boss will be disabled on all pages on the domain.
  • This page an all sub-pages - Password Boss will be disabled on the current page and all sub-pages of the current URL path. If the website you are creating disable list entries for has multiple URL structures you may need to make multiple entries using this option.
  • Not this page but all subpages - Generally this option is used to allow Password Boss to work on the current page, which would normally be a login page, but then to be disabled on all sub-pages of the current URL path.


  • Implement this policy as needed.


This policy is available to all accounts with an Advanced or Trial subscription.