Firewall Whitelisting

Firewall Whitelisting

If your network access is restricted by a firewall or other network filtering device you may need to update the filtering on your network to allow Password boss to function. The following URLs should be accessible for Password Boss to function.


SSL Proxy

The Password Boss application will not work behind an SSL Proxy server that rewrites the SSL certificate in any way. The application must always use its original SSL certificate with communications between the server and client to prevent man-in-the-middle type of attacks.

https://api.passwordboss.comApplication main functions including account creation, backup, syncing, sharing
https://app-updates.passwordboss.comApplication updates
https://app-updates2.passwordboss.comApplication updates
https://install.passwordboss.comApplication installation
https://portal.passwordboss.comCustomer portal
https://partner.passwordboss.comPartner portal