Force business items into business profile

Policy Description

Each Password Boss Business user has two profiles in their account, one for personal items and one for business items. The team profile is identified by the Business Name and the Business Logo in the client app.

This policy enables an administrator to force all business items into the business profile.

Business items are determined by matching the domain name portion of a username, or the login URL for a saved website, against a list of domains added to the policy on the portal.


  • Policy lists
  • Any user items that include in either the username or website address would be moved to the business profile in each users account.

These items would match the policy



If this policy is ENABLED and is then DISABLED, any items that were moved to the business profile as part of the policy will not automatically be moved back to the user's personal profile. Items have to be moved manually by users.


  • The default value is DISABLED
  • When this policy is ENABLED, all user items that match the domain name(s) listed on the portal will be moved to the business profile. Users will not be able to move items matching the policy to their personal profile.
  • When this policy is DISABLED, users can choose which profile to save their items in.


  • We recommend enabling this policy along with the Remove business items when users are removed and Backup all business items policies.
  • Avoid adding domain names to the policy that are not owned by your organization. For example, adding will result in personal items being placed in the business profile.


This policy is available to all accounts with a paid or trial business subscription.