Integrate ConnectWise with Password Boss

Learn how to integrate Password Boss with ConnectWise Manage

Enter API Credentials


API User Creation

Refer back to Create an API Account in ConnectWise if you have not already set up an API user for your ConnectWise Manage instance.

In the Password Boss Partner Portal navigate to Integrations > Available Integrations.

Click the tile for ConnectWise Manage and enter the following information

  • ConnectWise Manage Site - the full URL to your ConnectWise Manage implementation. Do not include the protocol (https://) or the remainder of the path.
  • Company ID - Company ID Associated with the API Account User
  • Public Key - comes from the API Keys panel in the prior step
  • Private Key - comes from the API Keys panel in the prior step
    After entering your information click the Authenticate button to confirm if Password Boss can successfully communicate with your ConnectWise Instance.
    Enable the Integration and click Save

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Integration Status

The Integration status toggle lets you disable the integration if you need to. If the integration is disabled no data will be sent to ConnectWise. You will, however, be able to configure all settings, product mappings, and company mappings with the integration disabled.

Once you have saved your integration the product mappings, sync schedule and company mappings options will be visible.

Product mappings

Product mappings allow you to update agreements in ConnectWise with user counts from Password Boss. Click the Product Mappings box to enable editing.

  • The list of available Password Boss products will appear in the left column.
  • In the right column select the corresponding product from your ConnectWise instance.
  • Click Save when done.

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Sync schedule

  • Password Boss can update agreements in ConnectWise on a daily or weekly schedule that you choose.
  • Password Boss calculates monthly users counts for your invoice from Password Boss on the last day of the month. Your account is charged on the first day of the month.
  • When choosing a sync schedule be sure to sync from Password Boss to ConnectWise prior to generating your invoices from ConnectWise so that your ConnectWise invoice reflect correct user counts.
  • Sync now allows you to do an immediate sync that will run within a couple of minutes.

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Company mapping

The Compay Mapping tab allows you to connect companies in Password Boss with Companies on ConnectWise and to select which agreement in ConnectWise to update.

All existing Password Boss companies will appear in the table. Click the pencil icon to edit a company.

  • Last Sync shows the date and time of the last sync from Password Boss to ConnectWise. See the previous section to force an immediate sync after setting up company mappings.
  • The Status column will show the synchronization status of an individual company and agreement synchronization. If an error occurs troubleshooting details will be provided.
  • Each company mapping requires a ConnectWise agreement to save the mapping.

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