Kaseya BMS

Integrate Password Boss with Kaseya BMS to synchronize Companies and to update billing Agreements in Kaseya.



The Password Boss integration with Kaseya BMS allows you to quickly provision customers with Password Boss and to update Kaseya billing contracts with up to date user counts from Password Boss.

Functionality of the integration

Password Boss to Kaseya

  • Map companies in Password Boss to companies in Kaseya.
  • Map Password Boss products to Kaseya products.
  • Update user counts from Password Boss on Kaseya Contracts.
  • Scheduled and on-demand syncing between Password Boss and Kaseya.

Kaseya to Password Boss

  • Create companies in Password Boss from existing companies in Kaseya.
  • Update company names in Password Boss when name changes occur in Kaseya.
  • Add new companies in Password Boss by importing from Kaseya.


Kaseya Contracts

  • Password Boss will update Recurring Services contracts in Kaseya.
  • Make sure each of your customers that will be syncing from Password Boss to Kaseya has a Recurring Service contract setup first.

Kasyea Services

  • Password Boss will synchronize subscription levels to Kaseya Services.
  • Kaseya Services are added to Recurring Service contracts
  • Services can be added in Kaseya from Admin->Finance->Services