New customer deployment checklist

The following checklist will help you get your new customers setup quickly.

Step 1 – Create a new company

Create a new company in the Password Boss Partner Portal using a unique email address and password using the Adding Customers Guide

Step 2 – Check connectivity

Users will need access to the following resources for the Password Boss app and portal.


Step 3 – Create users


Creating Users

There are two ways to create users for Password Boss. You should communicate in advance before adding users so that they are aware that they will receive an email with a temp password and application installation instructions.

Creating new User account via the Portal - Following the Instructions to add one or many users to the portal via the Adding Users Guide

Creating new User accounts via Active Directory

Step 4 – Install client app for admin user

Install the Password Boss app for the user account who created the org. Follow the best practices for installation Installing the Password Boss Application

Step 5 – Review security policies

Review Security Policy recommendations with your customer and configure Policies that works best to protect your client in the Partner Portal. Recommendations can be reviewed here.


Security Policy Best Practice

At a minimum we recommend to all clients the Online backups and device sync & Backup all business profile items - but you should review all options with your client to find what is a best fit.

Step 6 – Deploy client apps

Each device a user will use to access their Password Boss account will need to have the client app installed. Multiple users can access their individual Password Boss account from the same device.

  • If a user logs into their account for the first time from a PC, any passwords stored in the browsers will automatically be imported into their account. Password imports only happen automatically once per account, and only on PC devices.
  • Each time a new device is added to a user’s account, the user will need to enter a verification into the app that is sent to their email address.
  • For a Windows PC installation – admin rights are required for the initial install, and .net 4.7.2 is required. For non-admin rights installation options, visit RMM Deployment
  • Supported platforms -


Installation Best Practices

Follow the best practices for installation Installing the Password Boss Application for instructions on:

  • Manual Installations
  • Deployments via an RMM Tool
  • Scripted Deployments

Step 7 – Updating client apps

  • Updates to the client apps are released every 2-4 weeks on average.
  • PC and Mac have built-in updaters that check for updates every 4 hours. When an update is available it is automatically download and the user is prompted to install the update.
  • PC – Updater runs as LocalSystem and does not require users with admin rights for updates.
  • RMM Tool - follow the best practice guide on updating via RMM tools

What’s Next