Sharing items in Password Boss

It’s easy to share any item in Password Boss with anyone else. You can securely share one item, several items, or an entire folder of items. When you share items using Password Boss you can choose recipients from the list of users in your company, or from the list of groups that your admin has created.

Any item can be shared

  • Passwords, Digital Wallet, notes, etc.

Only item owners can share items

  • You retain ownership of the items shared and shared items cannot be re-shared

Two type of shares

  • Item shares
  • Folder shares

Shares can be sent to anyone or restricted with security policies

If the recipient does not have a Password Boss account we will help them make an account, and you can control if you allow your clients to create shares


Important notes on sharing

  • Shared items are encrypted, which means that only you and the recipient have access to the data being shared.
  • You retain ownership of items you share. this means that the recipient cannot re-shares the item with someone else.
  • You can cancel a share at any time. Cancelling a share will automatically remove any shared items from the recipient's account the next time their account synchronizes.
  • Items are shared until you cancel them, you can also add an expiration date if you like.
    Shares can contain individual items or folders.
  • Once you share something, you can edit the share to add, change or remove items from the share.
  • When you make changes to items that are shared, the changes are sent to the recipients of the shared items.
  • Items that have been shared with you will appear in the share center, in the Shared Folders list of folders, and in the corresponding section along with your personal items.