Password Auditing

Policy Description

The Password Auditing policy tracks access and use of all passwords in each user's business profile. Password auditing does not track password usage from passwords stored personal profiles.

The following actions are tracked

  • Password change
  • Password copied
  • Password created
  • Password deleted
  • Password exported
  • Password imported
  • Password used
  • Password viewed



Once enabled audit results are available in the portals in the reports section.


  • The default value is DISABLED
  • When this policy is ENABLED, all password actions listed above are tracked. Only password actions for business profile items are tracked.
  • When this policy is DISABLED password auditing is disabled and password activity is not tracked.


Historical activity

If password auditing is enabled and then disabled, any previous audit events are not deleted, they are retained.


  • We recommend all MSPs enable this feature for their company and to enable this policy for customers on a case-by-case basis.


This policy is available to all accounts with an Advanced or Trial subscription.