Recipients of shared items, which can be either folder(s) or individual items, can have three possible permissions. This article explains the each of the permissions.


  • Most powerful permission
  • User can see all fields and change all fields
  • User can add new items to the share
  • All changes by an editor are sent to all recipients directly. Changes do not need to go through the share owner.

Read only / Password Visible

  • User can see the password and all other fields on an item
  • User cannot change any fields on the item or the share

Read only / Password not visible

  • Most restrictive permission
  • User cannot see the password, but they can login to a site
  • User cannot change any fields on the item


Important note on "Read only password not visible"

"Read only - password not visible" does not block the recipient from accessing the password. This permissions blocks the recipient from accessing the password in the Password Boss application. Once the password is entered into a website Password Boss can no longer prevent a user from retrieving the password directly from the webpage.

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