Restrict sharing to specific recipients

Policy Description

Restricting sharing to specific recipients gives the administrator the ability to limit the recipients that the users at a customer can share items with in Password Boss. When this policy is enabled, users will only be able to share items with recipients whose email address matches the list of domains entered in the policy.

The list of domains entered is a white-list of domains. This is the inclusive list of domains users add as recipients for shared items.

For example: adding means that users can only share items with recipients whose email address is


  • The default value is DISABLED
  • When this policy is ENABLED click the Edit button to add domains to limit sharing to users cannot disable online backups.
  • When this policy is DISABLED users can share items with any recipient.


  • When implementing this policy consider the internal security requirements for each customer and how their users work with individuals outside of their company.
  • If the customer has strict internal security requirements restricting the sharing of information with others, this policy may be a good fit for the customer.
  • If the users at the customer share items with external users then this might not be a good fit for the customer.


This policy is available to all accounts with an Advanced or Trial subscription.