Sentinel One Exclusions for Password Boss

Application Exclusions with Sentinel One

Path Exclusion is a feature in SentinelOne that allows an administrator to suppress false positive events originating from specific files and processes. It also enables an administrator to exclude a path or file from monitoring where there are any interoperability issues. The exclusion also applies to processes whose route process is in the excluded path or file, meaning that if a process creates other child-processes the exclusion will apply to them too.

Here are the steps to add a Path exclusion for Password Boss

  • From the suppressions menu click New Exclusion
  • Select Path as the exclusion type
  • Select Windows as the OS
  • In the path line, enter: \Device\HarddiskVolume*\Users*\AppData\Local\PasswordBoss\PasswordBoss.exe
  • In the Exclusions Mode section select Performance Focus