Transferring Ownership

Change the owner of a share

Each share in Password Boss is owned by a single person, referred to as the owner of the share. The owner of a share is the only person who can remove items from a share, and is also the only person who can add or remove recipient to the share from the client app. An admin on your account can add and remove recipients to a share from the portal.

An editor recipient on a share can edit the contents of a shared item, as well as add new items to a share.

When to transfer ownership of a share

You may have the need to transfer the ownership of a share to a new person as part of staffing changes or when user's change departments. you can change the ownership of a share to any current recipient on the share as long as the new owner currently has access to the shared items. "Current access to the shared items" means that the new owner can see the items in the Password Boss app on their device.

If you need to transfer ownership of a share to a recipient who is not currently a member of the share you may need to temporarily transfer ownership of the share to a current share recipient, then add the new recipient to the share, and finally transfer ownership again to the intended new owner.



To transfer ownership of a share, the person you are transferring the ownership to must be a member of the share, and have current access to the share items.

Steps to transfer share ownership

  1. Login to the partner portal with an admin account and select the company you are going to edit.
  2. From the top menu choose Shares
  3. Click the Edit button for the share whose ownership you want to change
  4. Click the Recipients tab
  5. Click Change owner button
  6. Click OK
  7. Choose the new owner from the list of current recipients - they have to be a current member of the share that has received the items in the share.
  8. Click Save
  9. The final step is to have the new owner's Password Boss app to do a backup one one of their devices to finish the transfer. On PC/Mac, from the Tools menu Choose Backup now. On iOS or Android, tap Backup now from the menu.
  10. The share will show Pending transfer on the Recipients tab of the share until the new owner has completed the transfer.

Transfer process in action