Updating Password Boss with your RMM

Use the instructions below to install Password Boss with an RMM or manually

Updating the Password Boss app

Password Boss has a built-in updater that will keep the client updated with the latest published version. Daily builds of the Password Boss app are released before full-release published updates are available. If you like you can use your RMM to deploy daily builds to your Window users.

**RMM Commandline to deploy Password Boss Daily Builds

  1. Download the EXE installer
  2. The installer is named Password_Boss.exe
  3. To run the installer silently add the /q2 parameter when you execute the installer:
/path/to/Password_Boss.exe /q2

replace the "/path/to" with the path to where you downloaded the file to
  1. To deploy the Password Boss app to remote devices, invoke the installer with the silent option from your preferred software distribution solution.
  2. The installer will automatically download the latest version of Password Boss from the internet during the install process so your users are always installed with the current version.