• A user can be Managed By PB or Active Directory.
  • Managed by PB means the user was created in the portal.
  • Managed by Active Directory means the user was created by the Active Directory Connector.
  • The email address for a user cannot be changed. If an email address changes the user account will need its data exported and imported into a new account.

Actions for user accounts


Available actions

When selecting multiple accounts the list of actions shown is the list of actions that are available for ALL of the selected accounts. If all of the selected accounts are not available for a given action, that action will not be shown.

When clicking the check-box next to a user the following actions are available.

Delete usersThis will delete the user's account and all saved passwords and notes of the user. If the user has shared any items, the shares will be deleted as well.
Disable users This will disable the user's Password Boss account and prevent them from logging into the application and the customer portal
Enable usersAvailable for accounts that are currently disabled. Enabling an account will allow the user to log back into the Password Boss application and portal.
Convert to personal accountThis action will remove the user from the current business they are associated with and convert the account into a stand-alone personal account with a 30-daye free trial of Password Boss. This option should only be used for accounts that are not using a business email address for their account.
Require password change This will require the user to change their master password the next time they access their account in the Password Boss app.
Reset password This will delete all of the saved passwords and other items in a user's account and start their account over. WARNING: this option deletes everything in a users account.
Manage in Password BossIf user accounts are created using an Active Directory connector, and the connector is removed, selecting the Manage is Password Boss action will change the accounts to be managed by Password Boss.

Editing users

Clicking the Edit button on a users account brings up the following window where you can:

  • Change the user's first and last name
  • See statistics on the user account
  • Add or remove Admin access
  • Force a master password change
  • Disable the account
  • Change group membership
  • Delete device from the user's account
  • Delete the user's account. Deleting a user account immediately delete all of the users saved password and other items.

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