Working With the Partner Portal

Accessing the Partner Portal

Visit to access the Partner Portal where you will manage all of your users & clients.

Learn how to add your team members to the partner portal: Adding your team to Password Boss

Learn how to manage who has access to the Partner Portal: Manage Partner Portal access

The Password Boss partner portal is where you create client companies, users, groups, administer shares and manage your account and your clients accounts.

  • Saved passwords are not accessible via the portal. Passwords are only accessible from the client app.
  • Only Admin users on your account have access to the partner portal.


Different Passwords

The password used to access the partner portal is different from the password used to access the client application. For the user who created the first account for the business they are set as the same password, but they are actually separate passwords – changing one does not change the other. This is done to ensure that nobody at Password Boss has any access to your saved data.


  • The blue + button is the action button for adding items for the tab you are currently on.
  • The Add filter button allows you to create custom filters to view the data.

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  • The Search box allows you to quickly find items.
  • When the check-box next to an item, or group of items is clicked, the Actions menu will appear showing you the available actions for the selected items. The list of available actions is filtered to only display the actions that can be applied to the list of items you have selected.

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  • The left navigation can be minimized by clicking on the menu icon.

Tip - click the images to make them larger

  • Your administrator can configure which sections of the Partner Portal you can access. Not all tabs are visible to all users.